Setting it up is easy and free. Here's how:

You don't even have to register.

1. Setup the HTML form

Change your form's action-attribute to this and replace with your own email.

2. Add a name attribute to every field

Ensure all <input>, <select> and <textarea> elements inside your form have a name attribute, otherwise you will not receive the data filled in these fields.

3. Submit the form and confirm your email address

Go to your website and submit the form once. This will send you an email asking to confirm your email address.

Remember that if you display the same form in multiple URLs of your site you'll have to confirm it multiple times!

4. All set, receive emails

From now on, when someone submits that form, we'll forward you the data as email.

Some questions you might have:

Who are you people?

We're a community of developers that work together to create products. You can contribute on GitHub. is a project that solves a problem many of us have faced: easily adding forms to otherwise static HTML pages.

What about privacy?

We only store up to 1000 form submissions per month. For details on our privacy practices, please see our privacy policy.

How much does it cost? is free for 100 submissions per form each month. If you need more, there's a Gold Plan

Can I have X?

We have various interesting features enabled for our Gold Accounts and we are adding more. Please reach out to if you need something we don't have.

Advanced features:

Form inputs can have specially named name-attributes, which alter functionality. They are all prefixed with an underscore.

_replyto or email

This value is used for the email's Reply-To field. This way you can directly "Reply" to the email to respond to the person who originally submitted the form.


By default, after submitting a form the user is shown the "Thank You" page. You can provide an alternative URL for that page.


This value is used for the email's subject, so that you can quickly reply to submissions without having to edit the subject line each time.


This value is used for the email's CC Field. This lets you send a copy of each submission to another email address.

If you want to CC multiple email addresses, then just make it a list of email addresses separate by commas.


Adding this to your form will allow for you to receive plain text versions of emails for form submissions.


We've gone global! If you want to display the reCAPTCHA page in a language other than English you can. We currently support ar, bg, ca, cs, da, de, en, es, fi, fr, hu, id, is, it, ja, ko, lt, nl, no, pl, pt-BR, pt-PT. ru, sk, sr, sv, th, tr, uk, zh-CN and zh-TW.

We love adding new languages! We're no language experts, but if you want your language added, please let us know.


Add this "honeypot" field to avoid spam by fooling scrapers. If a value is provided, the submission will be silently ignored. The input should be hidden with CSS.

All forms come with reCAPTCHA, which uses advanced machine learning techniques to distinguish between humans and bots, so for most forms this isn't necessary.

For power users, we present Gold Gold costs

$ 9.99

each month

Each Gold account can have unlimited forms and unlimited verified emails, and all them get the features listed below.

Upgrade now

Gold features:

Extra limits and functionality for power users

Invisible emails

Get a random-like string to replace your naked email address in the action attribute of your form. Your email address will remain unknown to spam-bots and human visitors.

Unlimited form submissions

Getting more than 100 submissions each month? No problem, upgrading will cover that.

Access to submissions archive

If you ever missed a submission email, for any reason, you can just login and read your last 1000 submissions, all listed and timestamped with full data. Also, the submissions can be exported to CSV or JSON!

It even works for submissions made while you were not a Gold user.

AJAX Forms Gold users can use AJAX to submit forms. This even works cross-origin. First create a new form in your account dashboard. Then set the Accept header on your form to application/json. If you're using jQuery this can be done like so:

    url: "",
    method: "POST",
    data: {message: "hello!"},
    dataType: "json"

Same form on multiple pages

Showing the same form on many different pages? Generate a form verified site-wide and don't worry about having to track multiple confirmation emails.

Auto-confirmed forms

Pre-verify email addresses on your account and you'll be able to create forms targetting them without having to submit the form and click on confirmation links.

Disable reCAPTCHA

Don't want your users to complete a reCAPTCHA? Each form now comes with the option to disable the reCAPTCHA, so you can maintain complete control over your form. You can even keep reCAPTCHA on a few forms that might be suceptible to spam, while disabling it on others.

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